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Couples who are expecting a baby are excited to receive their bundle of joy. But they can be confused and clueless shoppers. Putting together baby outfits can be a puzzling challenge. It isn't easy to ascertain the correct size that will perfectly fit the baby.

Also, there are many styles of baby clothing available. The selection becomes a task. Purchasing clothes for babies is not the same as buying adult clothes. It is critical to keep several essentials in mind while choosing clothes so that you get the best for your little one.

Shop from Best&Less for cute baby outfits made from the best materials and provide comfort and safety for your little one.

How to choose the best outfit for your baby?


Prioritise comfort when shopping for baby clothes. You must make sure to choose light cotton fabric material. The skin of babies is sensitive and can get irritated by synthetic materials. Best&Less has an extensive collection of baby wear made from organic materials that are kind to sensitive baby skin.


Don’t give in to the temptation and get carried away by elaborate baby outfits and accessories. They may not be the most ideal for your baby with regards to comfort and safety. Trims, ribbons, frills, as well as too many buttons can be bothersome for your baby. It can even cause rashes. You must opt for simpler designs that can be worn and removed on your baby quickly. You must also make sure to cut off all tags that can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.


During the cold months, avoid bundling your baby in numerous layers of clothing. It might get too warm for them. For the summer months and rainy seasons, cotton fabric is ideal. But if you feel that the temperature is slightly cold, you can always layer warm fabrics on your baby.


Babies dirty their diapers more times than you can imagine. Thus, it would help if you changed their diapers and outfits several times a day. You must have your baby essentials ready. Get a sufficient number of baby items for the likely messes and spills. Invest in things such as mittens, socks, hats, and caps. Sweaters and zipper jackets are also convenient for the winter months.


You must not fill your baby’s closet with too many baby outfits. Your baby will quickly outgrow them. Eventually, these pieces will not fit. Your best bet is to stock up on basics in sufficient numbers and keep purchasing when there is a need. Read the labels cautiously for the size while purchasing. You can also list the help of a professional to buy appropriate size clothes for your little one. It is best to avoid fitted ones and buy slightly bigger clothes for your baby.


Clothes that are worn over the head can be bothersome for a baby. You must look for styles that do not require wearing through the head. Preferably choose styles with broad necks or with buttons and fasteners.


Purchase clothes made of fabric that is easy to clean. Babies regularly make messes. They spit, drool, and burp. Opt for materials that don’t stain or become spoiled after regular washing.

How to take care of baby outfits?

It is recommended that you wash your baby’s clothes with a mild detergent or soap. Harsh detergents make clothes rough. It is also challenging to get rid of detergent entirely from your baby’s clothes. If there are some remaining detergents or soap on the baby’s clothes, it may irritate them.

- Apply fabric softeners while washing your baby’s clothes. It will help the fabric to become soft and comfy at all times. - Wash baby outfits separately from adult clothes. These clothes may contain germs that can get transferred to the clothes of your baby. - Ensure that the detergent is washed entirely from the fabric material. - It is best if you dry the clothes under the sun. This method of drying will ensure that germs and bacteria are eradicated. - Steer clear of detergents and soaps, which have a strong fragrance. - Soak baby clothes in warm water before washing. It helps get rid of dirt from your baby’s clothes quickly as well as eradicate all germs. - Your baby’s clothes must be kept in a hygienic bag after washing. It will ensure that the clothes remain germ and dirt-free till the next wearing. - Wash soiled nappies and diapers separately. Always use hot water to wash these items. - Once you have completed washing the baby’s clothes, you must make sure they are completely dry. Steer clear of baby clothes with hooks. Instead, opt for ones with buttons. During washing, hooks may come out. It might cause harm when you put these clothes on your baby.

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