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At Best&Less, our baby accessories cover everything you need to complete any baby outfit. You'll find the cutest hats, adorable mittens, and don’t forget soft toys to keep your baby entertained when riding in the pram! A hat is an absolute must for whenever you’re travelling outside. Even on cloudy days, your child could get a sunburn. During winter and breezy autumn days, you can wear a beanie, so your baby stays snuggly warm. Mittens are ideal for really cold days outside or to keep hands warm at night; mittens will also help stop them from scratching their face while sleeping!

What are some must-have baby accessories?

Keeping a baby entertained can be exciting and fun. In our baby accessories section at Best&Less, you’ll find plenty of baby-safe toys to choose from. These toys are ideal for keeping a baby happy while going out for a daily walk or relaxing during lunchtime. They are soft and cuddly, which is simply perfect for little hands! If you’re concerned about a toy falling out of the pram, then you can look for something with a sturdy clip and attach it to your pram. If you’re looking for some baby toys that you can play together with your child, then have a look for some craft toys that are suitable for young hands. Sitting down to create an art masterpiece can be an excellent bonding experience, and you’ll create a memory that can be kept forever!

A baby comforter can provide your baby with a soft blanket topped with a furry little friend. Comforters are brilliant for taking care of small spills, and their soft fabric will keep your baby’s face clean and dry even during the messiest meals.

Wherever you go outside, you’ll need a hat, especially under the hot Australian sun. Baby hats come in all shapes and sizes. Hats should be reasonably tight, but not too tight that they are unpleasant to wear. To keep your baby from throwing a hat off, you can try giving them something else (like a toy) to distract them. After a while, your baby will get used to the hat and it’ll stay on their head for the entire day!

How to choose baby accessories?

When looking at baby accessories, consider what your baby may enjoy. If your baby has had a few toys before, they may have a favourite – like bears or other animals. If you’re looking for a sturdy hat, consider where you may be going and what you’ll be doing. Hats are one of those baby clothing items that are easily lost, as they can get thrown off at the worst of times! Having a spare hat in your carry bag can be ideal as you’ll always have one ready to go if the one your baby is wearing mysteriously disappears; don’t worry, it’ll probably show up in the car a few months later!

Baby hats and most other baby clothes are usually chosen based on the time of year. During summer, you’ll want lightweight items that give your baby complete coverage but still protect them from the sun. In winter, you may prefer to find accessories and clothes that will help keep your baby warm and toasty. A good quality beanie will be perfect for those chilly winter days. You may also like to choose from our baby knitwear and baby wraps.

If your baby is close to walking, or you want to keep their feet warm beyond a pair of socks, you can choose some baby shoes. Then to help them keep their face clean during lunch and dinner, you can buy a few baby bibs to complete their ensemble! If you are buying baby accessories for a friend or family member and can’t find the right gift, you can look through our baby gift ideas, essential baby sets, and baby outfits.

Where can I buy baby accessories near me?

For all your baby accessories, you can find them at Best&Less. We have an extensive range of everything for your baby in our online and retail stores. If you are shopping online, you can choose to collect your order at any of our retail stores. When you find the perfect item for your baby, you can easily check the availability on the sales page. Choose the store that is closest to you, and you can see if it is available at that location. When your local store does not have it in stock, you can request it be sent there, and it’ll be available in less than twelve weekdays. Alternatively, you can have it shipped to your home. To help save on your shipping costs, it is best to order many items together, as we charge a flat fee regardless of parcel size. If you’d prefer to use click and collect, it is free for all orders over $50. If you need your order in a hurry, you can purchase our express shipping and then your order will be sent out the same day as you make it, provided it is placed before 3 pm (AEST) on weekdays.

All Best&Less stores have an excellent selection of baby accessories and other items for the rest of your family. You’ll find everything you need all in one convenient location. Everything is sorted into categories in our online store, and you can use the search function to find what you need quickly. With our 100-day returns policy, if you happen to purchase something that does not fit properly, then you can return it to any of our retail stores.