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Short sleeve baby rompers are available in many different colours and styles. You can choose from plain colours to brilliant patterns. At Best&Less, we carry a huge collection of baby rompers, and we are sure you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your baby. Baby rompers are made from various materials, but cotton and a cotton/polyester blend are the most common. Cotton rompers will be more breathable and cooler to wear, but the polyester blend will require less maintenance (e.g. ironing). Polyester blends are also more durable and will withstand staining better; they are also easier to wash. However, many parents prefer natural cotton materials, as they are softer to the touch, which can be good for a baby’s delicate skin. Baby rompers will give your child a good range of motion and not restrict their arm movements as they learn to crawl or walk. On warm days, the short sleeves of the romper will help keep them cool while offering better protection over other clothes, such as shorts. Since your child's arms will be exposed, make sure they are wearing a hat, and apply a suitable baby sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

When looking through the short sleeve baby rompers from Best&Less, you can try to match the colours and styles with other outfits. Try to find rompers that will work with any baby shoes, baby knitwear, or baby outfits that you already own. Although, you can simply pick a romper that appeals to you. If you are looking for a baby romper as a gift for a family member or friend, you can choose one based on the baby’s age. If you happen to get the size wrong, we have a 100-day return policy for change of mind (or any faults). You can also look through our essential baby sets, baby gift ideas, and baby accessories for the perfect gift.

When should babies wear rompers?

Short sleeve baby rompers are excellent for a baby to wear during warmer weather. Rompers are a type of onesie; except they do not usually cover everything. You can find rompers that are short-sleeved or without sleeves. You can also get rompers that are a full or half leg length and some that may not cover more than your baby’s nappy. Rompers are usually fastened from the front giving you excellent access for changing nappies or undressing for bath time. Most rompers will use a zipper, but some will use stud fasteners. The style of romper you buy will depend on what you feel comfortable using. Many parents find it easy to use a zipper while others prefer metal studs as they allow you to have a button undone for when it is warm.

Rompers are a casual type of outfit; however, you can find suitable designs to use in more formal settings. Short sleeve baby rompers are excellent for when your child is learning to move around as they offer excellent freedom of movement. If your child is learning to crawl, you may be better off with a full leg romper so that it can protect their knees. For a baby that is learning to walk, the short-legged romper allows them to move their legs more freely.

As short sleeve baby rompers are a one-piece outfit, they provide a fast way of getting your baby ready. If your child has a tendency to remove his/her clothing, the romper offers an excellent way of making sure he/she is fully dressed at all times. If your baby is wearing a romper, and the weather turns a little cooler, you can always slip on a shirt or pants over the top. The romper is one of the most versatile outfits you can own when it comes to baby clothes. You can match the romper with suitable baby bibs or baby wraps to help keep your baby clean while you are feeding or nursing.

How to choose the right short-sleeved baby romper?

All short sleeve baby rompers are considered casual, but if you need to dress up for an outdoor summer party, you can find some adorable rompers. At Best&Less, our rompers are suitable for any occasion, and there are plain ones for everyday events and some with frills and classic patterns for more formal occasions. The style of romper you like is dependent on your fashion sense. Some parents prefer a bold solid colour, and others like printed designs. When buying a baby romper, examine how easy it is put on your child. Some babies enjoy wriggling when getting dressed, and for those children, a romper that is quick to put on is often best. Rompers with a zipper or those that fasten at the crotch are often the fastest to put on.

The way you dress your baby in a romper will depend on whether they can stand or not. For a baby or toddler who can stand already, they can step into the legs first and then put their arms in, then all you need to do is zip or snap it closed. For young babies, you can lie the romper flat and put your child on top of it, then wrap it around, put their legs in first, followed by their arms, then fasten it closed. If the romper is attached at the crotch, you can slip it over their head and pull it down like a singlet and then close it. When buying a romper, getting the one you feel is easiest to put on will be the best one for you. At Best&Less, we have a 100-day returns policy, so if you are not entirely happy with the romper you choose, you can return it to any of our stores.