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Baby shorts are perfect for warm days, especially when you are out playing and spending time with your little one. If the sun is shining, you can use sunscreen to stop your child from being burnt. As the days become cooler, you can always pair the shorts with a good set of tights and keep their legs warm. You can match the shorts with a quality pair of baby shoes, baby outfits, and other baby accessories. If you’re buying shorts for a friend or family member, then browse through the Best&Less baby gift ideas and essential baby sets for some good suggestions.

How should baby shorts fit?

Baby shorts can often come in a few different styles; this can include high-cut and medium thigh length. For high-cut shorts, these will usually only be as long as the nappy and are the coolest shorts to wear in hot weather. High-cut shorts will offer your child the most manoeuvrability, which is important when they are crawling or learning to walk. As for medium thigh-length shorts, they’ll provide your child excellent protection when walking or in their early stages of life. Medium thigh-length shorts are the most common style of shorts and will provide more coverage from the sun when compared to high-cut shorts. To help protect your new shorts from any mishaps, you can buy baby bibs to prevent any spills. If you're concerned about your baby being cold while wearing shorts, you can pick up baby wraps or baby knitwear to keep them nice and toasty warm.

Where can I buy baby shorts near me?

At Best&Less, you can choose from a huge selection of baby shorts. Our online store can offer you the convenience of click and collect (which will save you on shipping costs) or have your order sent directly to your home. When buying shorts from Best&Less, you can add many other products and have them all bundled together in one shipment. Our online shop is open at all times, and you can make a purchase whenever you like. If you choose to click and collect, your order can be picked and waiting for you at your chosen store in around twenty-four hours.